An ACE is a winning card!

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The last presentation before the Tablet PC Meetup took place at CNTRSTG with two representatives from ACE. John Samborski, Vice President, chatted with those in attendance about an affordable Media Center PC.  ACE has more certified platforms authorized with Cable Labs than any other firm, including multi-national firms.






Lunch, Sling Media, Social Gatherings, and Work

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After a great lunch provided by ProClip, Sling Media sat down and chatted with a group of influencers to talk about what they are doing and where they will be going.



Of course some folks prefer to rest a bit after lunch and chat about all the neat things they are seeing at CES



Others are taking advantage of the super fast Internet connection here at CNTRSTG to post their articles.



And we are still getting more and more influencers arriving from all over the world.



Microsoft Windows Mobile Presentation

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Today we saw a presentation from Windows Mobile giving a flavor of where we are and where we will be going.  Interesting discussions took place about the platform, carriers and the market as it is now and its future.


A platform update will be coming later this year that will provide the user with a significantly richer user experience.


Demonstrations coupled with exciting discussions made this presentation well worth attending.  CNTRSTG has provided a significantly different experience for bloggers attending CES this year.  Not only the opportunity to gather and discuss amongst ourselves current trends but to have the ability to interact with vendors, offer thoughts and experiences has provided a unique opportunity for communication and acquiring knowledge.



HP: Touch the Future

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Phil McKinney from HP sat with a large group of CNTRSTG attendees discussing HP Touch.


Do you know what was the first HP Touch product?

Produced in 1981, it was called the 2700.  It was made for one year but from that introduction, there came a long series of developments in the HP labs to eventually lead us to what we were able to see today.  The Misto Table was a concept device that we saw at CNTRST.  Unfortunately it is a device for research but from it, there was an understanding gained that developed into an insanely simple Touch computer experience.  Pretty much if you know how to use an ATM machine, you can use the HP Touchsmart.






Touch is personal!

Where will we go from here?  Gestures?  HP has entire labs dedicated to gestures…. as well as entire labs dedicated to TOUCH.  This was an awesome presentation.

The Promise of Digital Entertainment

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HP sponsored a round table discussion on the promise of Digital Entertainment at CNTRSTG today.  It was an exciting discussion covering a myriad of topics relating to today’s trends in Digital Entertainment.


  The audience was engaged in an interactive discussion … this was a great addition to the CNTRSTG agenda.


MTV EngineRoom Presentation

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Tracey Trachta, HP’s leader of Global Initiatives for the PC business, gave a great presentation at CNTRSTG on how the company’s latest marketing effort to engage and connect with the influential Net Generation is bringing new users, viewers and readers to youth and tech sites around the world.


Tracey was joined by SuChin Pak, the host of a TV program which was the centerpiece of the effort. 


We had the opportunity to see this year’s winning laptop design … it was very cool!  Check out the press release below!



HP, MTV and AMD today named Hisako Sakihama, a 27-year-old designer from Japan, the winner of its “Engine Room” Notebook Design Contest – a worldwide competition to design the next HP “artist edition” notebook PC.

Sakihama’s design of sea and sky in Okinawa was chosen as the grand prize winner from the regional finalists by a judges panel composed of regional heads of creative at MTV, art directors at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, and industrial design managers at HP. The design will be featured on an HP limited-edition notebook PC featuring the AMD Turion X2 Ultra™ notebook platform later this year.

The regional finalists received the most votes and represent the top designs from Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America. To view the winning designs, visit

This year, artists from 94 countries submitted nearly 17,000 designs with the hopes that their art would be displayed on an HP notebook PC. More than 62,000 votes were received from 159 countries, making the Engine Room Notebook design contest one of the most successful user-generated contests from HP to date.

This year’s regional finalists include Rodrigo Daniel Diaz from Argentina, Carlos Alonso Zebenzuy from Spain, Abhishek Goswami from India, and Stacy Rezzola from the United States. The regional finalists will have their art transformed into notebook attachable “skins” from SkinIt, which will be made available to consumers around the world.

“The response we’ve received from creative people around the world has been astounding,” said David Roman, vice president, Marketing Communications, Personal Systems Group, HP. “Design is one of the most personal ways we communicate with each other. It’s evident from these winning designs that there are some very talented young artists out there. We look forward to delivering the next-generation HP ‘artist edition’ notebook PC designed by Hisako Sakihama.”

People who visited the “Engine Room” website and voted for their favorite design were automatically entered in a sweepstakes to win technology prizes from HP.

“As the processing power behind today’s most advanced visual computing experiences like gaming and HD video, AMD understands the importance of stunning images,” said Nigel Dessau, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, AMD. “In partnering with leading global brands like HP and MTV, AMD brings notebook inner beauty and performance to match the inspired creativity of the artists participating in the notebook design challenge.”

“Engine Room”

“Engine Room” is an original series, created by MTV, HP and partners in which young artists from around the world can showcase their creativity and bring art to life with technology.

The first series of “Engine Room” challenges brought together four teams of digital artists from Latin America, Europe, Asia and North America to compete on an original, short-form online series that aired on mtvU – MTV’s college network – and on MTV channels around the world. At the conclusion of the 2008 “Engine Room” series, host Suchin Pak announced the latest digital artistry challenge – the HP, MTV and AMD “Engine Room” notebook design challenge.


Find out more about MTV EngineRoom here

Clean Technology from Boston-Power

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Today we had the opportunity to hear a presentation from Dr. Cristina Lampe-Onnerud from Boston Power.  She has pioneered the use of lithium-ion and other materials to deliver more powerful, longer lasting, safer and cost-effective batteries for laptops, PDAs, cell phones and other electronic devices.

During her presentation, she shared her thoughts and encouraged a dialog about where battery technology stands today, where it needs to be tomorrow and what the future holds.  Simply stated, she was dynamic in her presentation and created a positive look into the future of batteries that we will be using.


Check out Boston Power here

Eye-Fi CES Demo at CNTRSTG

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I just got through watching an AWESOME demo from Eye-Fi at CNTRSTG.  It is a pretty awesome means of uploading photos automatically from your digital camera to your computer and/or favorite photo site with the Eye-Fi Wi-Fi SD memory card.  It is a definite must have addition to your “geek gear bag”!

Wirelessly upload photos to your computer and to your favorite photo sharing, printing, blogging or social networking website. It’s never been easier to share your memories while they are still fresh.

Like the Eye-Fi Home, the Eye-Fi Share wirelessly connects to your home Wi-Fi network and uploads your pictures. It delivers photos to your computer, but also includes our unlimited, secure web sharing service to automatically upload your pictures to your favorite photo site. Choose from among more than 20 of the most popular websites and some up-and-comers too. View the complete list of Online Destinations for your Eye-Fi Card.

The Eye-Fi Share offers the added convenience of uploading your photos, even when your computer is turned off. Using it’s Smart Boost capability, the Card will determine the most efficient path to upload pictures, going quickly to your computer if it’s on and then from there to the web if you’ve elected to share online, or going straight to the web if the computer is off. The photos will be stored securely and delivered to the computer the next time it is turned on.



Check out the Eye-Fi demo here