Microsoft Windows Mobile Presentation

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Today we saw a presentation from Windows Mobile giving a flavor of where we are and where we will be going.  Interesting discussions took place about the platform, carriers and the market as it is now and its future.


A platform update will be coming later this year that will provide the user with a significantly richer user experience.


Demonstrations coupled with exciting discussions made this presentation well worth attending.  CNTRSTG has provided a significantly different experience for bloggers attending CES this year.  Not only the opportunity to gather and discuss amongst ourselves current trends but to have the ability to interact with vendors, offer thoughts and experiences has provided a unique opportunity for communication and acquiring knowledge.



The Microsoft Windows Mobile team is confirmed to present at CntrStg.

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The Microsoft – Windows Mobile team is confirmed to present at CntrStg.  The presentation lead by Greg Sullivan, Senior Product Manager will take place for registered CntrStg attendees at 11 AM- 12.30 PM on Saturday January 10th at CntrStg . The Windows Mobile team will present some new hardware and never been seen software running on the Windows Mobile platform with some real-time demos.

To attend you need to qualify according to the guidelines at the registration page.

For registered CntrStg attendees we will provide free transportation to and from CntrStg at the Wynn and the LVCC.