Eye-Fi CES Demo at CNTRSTG

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I just got through watching an AWESOME demo from Eye-Fi at CNTRSTG.  It is a pretty awesome means of uploading photos automatically from your digital camera to your computer and/or favorite photo site with the Eye-Fi Wi-Fi SD memory card.  It is a definite must have addition to your “geek gear bag”!

Wirelessly upload photos to your computer and to your favorite photo sharing, printing, blogging or social networking website. It’s never been easier to share your memories while they are still fresh.

Like the Eye-Fi Home, the Eye-Fi Share wirelessly connects to your home Wi-Fi network and uploads your pictures. It delivers photos to your computer, but also includes our unlimited, secure web sharing service to automatically upload your pictures to your favorite photo site. Choose from among more than 20 of the most popular websites and some up-and-comers too. View the complete list of Online Destinations for your Eye-Fi Card.

The Eye-Fi Share offers the added convenience of uploading your photos, even when your computer is turned off. Using it’s Smart Boost capability, the Card will determine the most efficient path to upload pictures, going quickly to your computer if it’s on and then from there to the web if you’ve elected to share online, or going straight to the web if the computer is off. The photos will be stored securely and delivered to the computer the next time it is turned on.



Check out the Eye-Fi demo here