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Adapt Mobile a leading accessory company in Europe and Asia has just finished their presentation on the effect of the global economy and how accesories can help companies survive the recession.

Adapt Mobile has several designs that are customized and geared to the latest models of portable consumer electronics that are broken down into three main categories and are aimed to help consumers in their decision and purchasing experience as well as help build the brand of the product:

pX- Phone Experienc for HTC SOny ERicsson, Blackbeery, Palm

mX - Multimedia – Appple,Asus, Acer

gX Gaming Xperiencee NItnetdo Wii

The big hit of their presentation was their Pocket Projector than can project an image from 6″ – 50″ using LCoS optical technology with white LED as the source at 10 Lumens. It has an external 3-in-1 AV jack and can also project images and video from the built-in memory or memory card.

They had a quick contest for a marketing slogan voted on by the audience and gave one away.

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