JetBlue Savings for CES 2010 Attendees

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Given the current state of the economy people are looking at ways to save money on their trip to CES 2010 in Las Vegas. Here’s another way to save a few bucks while planning your trip to CES. JetBlue is offering all CES attendees a 5 percent discount on travel to Las Vegas during the show.


The discount is valid on travel to Las Vegas January 4-7 and returning January 10-13*.
Simply visit the JetBlue promotion page and enter 2010CES in the Promo Code field.
*All flights in a reservation must include valid routes and travel dates in order to receive a discount. If only one direction of travel is valid, please book your valid flight as a one way trip using the promotional code and the other segment as a one way trip without the code.

Ace Computers @ CntrStg

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We had John Samborski from Ace Computers  talk about their new AMD powered Maui system which is an affordabe clear QAM enabled Media Center with a built-in Audio Pre-Amp for under $1000.

He gave us a very detailed description of what went into creating a high-end media center computer that is affordable for the average consumer.

They had a very cool new user interface.

Back of the Maui

Back of the Maui

The back of the Maui even allows for hook-up to a pair of stereo speakers. The great thing about this system besides being affordable is the low power draw at the plug, it pulls down 85W on average and it drops to 15W in sleep mode.

They also discussed a really cool device they are also selling to eliminate the vampire draw of power from being plugged in. The device is called HiSaver, which is very cool powerstrip with a motion sensor that has 5 switchable outlets that turn on via a motion sensor that is mounted to your television so can eliminate power when not in use of your A/V equpment to 0. The unit sells for $99. I just found something else I need to buy.

Sling Media @ CntrStg

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After our lunch sponsored by ProClip we had MegaZone from Sling Media came in to talk about the new mobile Blackberry client and the iPhone announcement at MacWorld. The iPhone client price has not been set yet and will be in the App Store by the end of the quarter.  He also stated that Sling is aiming to be a one box solution to many so people can get their media content anytime, anywhere.

He said they are looking at new clients with the G-phone and new Palm phone that was announced at CES. Currently there  It was a great discussion where we had a very open discussion on the future of Sling Media. He probably said more than he should have, but we won’t go into details because we don’t want to get him into trouble.

He also announced that the EchoStar HD DuoDVR SlingLoaded ViP 922 won CNET’s “Best of CES” today, and two of G4’s judging panelists, Attack of the Show host Kevin Pereira and Wired’s Chris Hardwick, both picked EchoStar’s SlingLoaded 922 as their very favorite out of the entire 2009 CES.  The EchoStar 922’s unique user interface and remote control were also selected as CES Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Award honorees prior to the show.

Windows Mobile @ CntrStg

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Today we have Greg Sullivan, Senior Product Manager for Windows Mobile In the last year there were 20 million sales Windows Mobile devices with 11 phones selling over 1 million each. So Microsoft realizes that one size doesn’t fit all people like choice.

Greg provided a detailed discussion of what was briefly presented at the Microsoft Pre-CES keynote from Steve Balmer.

NetFlix Mobile allows you to manage your NetFlix Queue and to search for movies for download on your PC and Xbox 360.

A nice easy to use User Interface.

Netflix preview

Netflix preview

You even get a small preview video that downloads for viewing to your phone so you can choose to download it or not.

He also covered Microsoft Tag which was introduced at CES as a new barcode for Microsoft products. in order to connect you with the physical world with the online world so special offers can easily be delivered with out repackaging a product and providing product information when some is walking by a product.

All it takes is a quick scan of the box.

So marketers can provide more updated product information directly to the consumer.

Turkey bowling , yes new version of Windows Mobile browser will now have better Flash support in the browser and other improvements for the making a better mobile user experience.

Pandora Mobile

Pandora Mobile

He also demonstrated the Pandora client for Windows Mobile that connects to the same PC experience connecting back to services to create

New Facebook applicaition panel on the XPERIA.

He did some quick demonstrations of some new devices and how they are getting easier to use and help make the customer have that great “gadget lust” aka I really like this device feel.

Panoramic stiching on the Touch HD taken from 3 pictures.

He also announced there will be no Microsoft Zune phone, they have no plans to make their own hardware, but can’t expand on what Steve Balmer has already disclosed.

Windows Mobile also offered up a Sony Ericsson XPERIA for give away for one lucky winner.

HTC @ CntrStg

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Today we have Eric Lin from HTC who wanted move away from a formal presentation and chose to open a discussion about parity. He said during CES, HTC announced the T-Mobile Shadow II and the Rose aka S743 the svelt smartphone with the slide out screen were officially announced.

Eric Lin from HTC

Eric Lin from HTC

He talked about differenet keyboard layouts and what work. He discussed that the keys and layouts go through many different case scenarios on average consumer usage patterns and from studies and requests from carriers. He also discussed how sound and haptic feedback (vibration).

He talked about the different devices and how users use them and wanted to open the floor questions and discuss parity among many manufacturers. All phones today must have a browser, email, and entertainment  and wanted know what HTC should be targeting in the future.

Some of the topics discussed were acceleromters, GPS, 3.5″ earphone jacks, easier accessibilty to turning bluetooth and wifi radios to manage power as request standards on all phones. Another was software integration with the device like contact dialing from phone, Facebook, Twitter, and a killer browser experience.

Video of Scott e-Vest in action at CntrStg

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Our good friends at GottaBeMobile recorded a video of somone who not only shares my gear-lust, but may easily put it to shame,  Xavier Lanier from showing off all the gadgets he stuffed in his pockets in his Scott e-Vest.

Here is a quote from Xavier:

I decided to ditch my backpack and wear my gadgets instead. I’ve packed my Scott-E-Vest with my HP Mini 1000 and a couple of dozen gadgets.

Scott E-vest products look to be popular at CntrStg this year, I brought two myself – the Ultimate Hoodie and the SeV Sport Coat.

HP @ CntrStg – Delivering on Digital Entertainment: Industry Report Card

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In this session Carlos Montalvo the VP of Product Experience at HP, lead roundtable and abstract of the industry report card with a panel of experts in the industry.


The discussion revolved around the connected entertainment and evolution of the digital home and rating the consumer electronics industry and their evolution from the previous CES.

Carlos lead the panel with questions on grading the industry from the previous year to now. The panel consisted of:


Ross Rubin from NPD gave the industry a C.

Terri Walsh from We Got Served gave the industry a C-


Wilson Rothman from Gizmodo gave it a C-


Will Smith from Maximum PC graded the industry a  D+.


Richard Doherty  from Envisioneering gave the industry a D- .

The group gave a very honest review of digital media industry and what consumers want as well as the take aways from the Consumer Electronic show. The general consensus is that the industry has failed deliver on their promise to consumers, but are trying to get it right like they did when DVD media was delivered.

HP Notebook Teardown @ CntrStg

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During this sessions at CntrStg we had Matt McAndrew from HP come in and provide us with an overview how they have improved their laptops over a few years and showed us the evolution of making a stronger and lighter laptop in the next version based on repair costs that customers experienced making a better laptop and increase the value for the consumer.

Not only was a show and tell it was a highly interactive session with bloggers and their communities for feedback.


They passed around the lids from their older and newer laptop lids with new finishes and added durability and rigidity.

On the back of the lid is an aircraft inspired honey-comb plate is added for torsional rigidity while keeping the notebook as light as possible. Rigid not only on the top and bottom, but also as side impact and on the corners where most impacts from dropping occurs.

Matt talked about their hard drive drop-protection technology that parks the hard drive when its dropped and how it has improved.  HP also mentinoed that are looking into opening up a developer SDK so end-users can tap into using the accelerometer for custom applications like taping the side of the display to flip pages, windows, moving the screen up and down to scroll.

He also did a quick example how they test their new Dura finish and tested with steel wool from average usage patterns by consumers on the previous version with out it and the current version with the anodized aluminum durafinish which didn’t scratch at all. Amazing process. On the bottom there is also a new painting surface to reduce the wear and tear occurs from every day sliding and placement on flat worksurfaces.

DuraKeys, (I know my wife would have loved this in her current HP notebook) that a finish on it to reduce the wearing off of letters from the keys. This came directly from feedback given by bloggers and customers This new finish has a 50% increase in resistance to wear.

A mylar film on the back of the keyboard guides the liquid away from the critical components in the laptop that would have expensive repair and replacement costs.

HP also made improvements in battery life and the circuitry to charge the battery to not only extend the battery, but also how fast it charges.

HP has also done some rugged-ablity and reliablity tests with MIL specs via third party testing with a table on their website on what the specs are for each of their laptops.

American Airlines @ CntrStg

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We know why you fly is the slogan for American Airlines, who are focused on their customer and meeting their needs not only on why people fly, but how they fly. 


Billy Sanez addressed and fully engaged with a room full of blogers at CntrStg asking them how they fly and how they can improve their services.

When consumers fly they carry all their gadgets with them and want them for both work and entertainment in their bags.

However they generally limted to the batteries of their devices as well as the extra power they can carry in their bags. Since cloud computing and dependency on internet connection is now coming to the main enterprise in order for people to get work done there is an increasing need to be connected not just by the business traveller, but the average traveller as well.


Barcode boarding pass on a phone

Barcode boarding pass on a phone

Feedback was taken from around the room on WiFi access, in flight entertainment, power in the seats, Admirals club, and peer input on why they fly -price, comfort, and gaining miles in their AA Advantage program.  

Twittering questions and answers during AA session

Twittering questions and answers during AA session

Not only by bloggers in the room, but by those following their blogs and Twitter feeds.

Paul Mooney was one of the winners of a pair round trip tickets courtesy of American Airlines

At the end of this very informative and interactive session two winners were chosen for a pair of roundtrip tickets anywhere in the continental United States.

Adapt-Mobile @ CntrStg

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Adapt Mobile a leading accessory company in Europe and Asia has just finished their presentation on the effect of the global economy and how accesories can help companies survive the recession.

Adapt Mobile has several designs that are customized and geared to the latest models of portable consumer electronics that are broken down into three main categories and are aimed to help consumers in their decision and purchasing experience as well as help build the brand of the product:

pX- Phone Experienc for HTC SOny ERicsson, Blackbeery, Palm

mX - Multimedia – Appple,Asus, Acer

gX Gaming Xperiencee NItnetdo Wii

The big hit of their presentation was their Pocket Projector than can project an image from 6″ – 50″ using LCoS optical technology with white LED as the source at 10 Lumens. It has an external 3-in-1 AV jack and can also project images and video from the built-in memory or memory card.

They had a quick contest for a marketing slogan voted on by the audience and gave one away.

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