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Longer lasting notebook batteries, new technology and engineering, and the batteries are greener as they last longer and hold charges better. Boston Power just announced HP as their first customer to offer its next-generation notebook computer battery.

Their presentation at CntrStg will be on Thursday, January 8 at 1 pm

What were you doing the last time the battery in your laptop ran out of juice?
If you’re like most people, you’ll recall that occasion immediately…and usually with much angst!
Boston Power is committed to helping us all overcome those challenges. Comprising a rock star team from the lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery and notebook PC industries, the company has developed the world’s longest lasting, fastest charging, most environmentally sustainable and safest Li-ion battery cell – Sonata.
Boston-Power Founder & CEO Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud comes to CntrStg for a spirited discussion about where battery technology is today, where it needs to be tomorrow, and how she thinks we’ll get there.
Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud, Founder & CEO of Boston-Power 20-year career includes running one of the world’s largest battery R&D labs for Arthur D. Little/TIAX, serving as a member of the team that developed the battery for the first Palm…and it now includes another industry-first.
Last month, Boston-Power announced that Sonata will be available first to HP customers as an upgrade option.  Coming to market under HP’s new Enviro Series moniker, consumers will be able to purchase the HP notebook batteries with Sonata technology for use with select HP consumer notebook PCs in early 2009. Notably, these batteries will come with a three-year warranty – the longest battery warranty available from any notebook PC provider.
In addition to discussing notebook computer batteries, Christina will share her thoughts on the role that next-gen Li-ion battery technology will play in a range of other applications – from consumer electronics to transportation.

To attend you need to qualify according to the guidelines at the registration page.

For registered CntrStg attendees we will provide free transportation to and from CntrStg at the Wynn and the LVCC.

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